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Find the Thirsty Horses: Tech Adoption is About Personal Value

Over the last 15 years, firms and legal ops teams have debated, discussed, and (frequently) failed to see new technologies adopted by their lawyers and legal professionals.


In the end, investment in underutilized technologies costs everyone in the legal supply chain. The cost to clients is constantly rising in the form of billable rates, and vendors and service providers must invest heavily in resources aimed at “customer success,” driving up the price of the products and services they provide.


Law firms which don’t invest in technology are seen as laggards by both clients and new associates, costing both new talent and new business opportunities. Is the culture of legal such that legal tech adoption is an impossible dream? I don’t think so. But, it’s time for a new approach, a change in our thinking.


Legal tech adoption is all about creating personal value, not organizational value.


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