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"Lawyers, Emails, and Project Management: Oh My!" - A Webinar Recap with a Twist

Even in 2023, lawyers are still relying on their email inboxes for to manage their matters. Bleck! It's no wonder that half of our lawyers are experiencing moderate to severe levels of stress -- have you ever tried to search for something in Outlook?!



When Legal Meets Tech: My Take on the Dashboard Legal Webinar

Hey there! Cheryl Wilson Griffin here, still buzzing from Legal Tech Consultant’s latest webinar with Mat Rotenberg of Dashboard Legal. Let's dive into the juicy bits of "Project Management for Lawyers: Survey Insights from Dashboard Legal," shall we?

The "No One Asked Me" Syndrome in Legal Tech

Here's a shocker from the webinar: a whopping 83% of lawyers are never polled on their legal tech usage. It's like throwing a square dance and playing Hip Hop all night. As much as I love that mental image and would not be all that upset if I got an invite, you get the picture. Mat’s insight here was a wake-up call - are we really addressing the legal tech needs of our industry if we're not asking the users what they need?

Project Management Tools: The Unsung Heroes

Now, onto the underdog of our story: project management tools. These tools are like the cool gadgets on Batman's belt, but for some reason, they're gathering dust in the legal world. It’s as though we’re choosing traditional methods over innovative solutions. That said, the results of Dashboard Legal’s survey point to a significant underutilization of project management tools in legal, highlighting a gap in tech adoption versus availability. We're still stuck on emails and spreadsheets, which is kind of like choosing a horse and buggy over a Batmobile.

Building Tools for Batman, Not the Average Joe

Mat had some gems to share about creating tools specifically for lawyers. "There's a whole new category of tools that our clients are using... But lawyers, in my anecdotal review, were using email." It's like telling Iron Man to go fight crime with a flip phone. We need tools that speak lawyer, not layperson.

My Reflection: It's Time for a Legal Tech Revolution

Reflecting on the webinar, I'm convinced more than ever that we need a legal tech revolution. And not just any revolution, but one that's by lawyers, for lawyers. It's like when Beyoncé dropped 'Lemonade' - unexpected, game-changing, and totally on point. We need tools that understand the legal beat, tools that make lawyers go, "Wow, this was made for me!"

Looking Ahead: The Future is Bright and Digitized

In conclusion, folks, the webinar with Mat wasn't just a talk; it was a call to action. It's time we bridge the gap between what legal tech offers and what lawyers actually need. So, here's to building a legal tech world that's more Iron Man and less Encyclopedia Britannica. Stay tuned for more updates and witty takes on the legal tech scene right here at Legal Tech Consultants. Catch you on the digital side!

Until next time, keep breaking the mold and making waves in the legal tech ocean.


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