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Why We Relaunched the Legal Tech Consultants Website After Three Years

Three years into our journey at Legal Tech Consultants, we reached a pivotal moment. It was time to reflect on our brand's evolution, understand its unique personality, and re-imagine our digital presence. The decision to relaunch our website wasn't made on a whim; it was a strategic move aimed at enhancing our sales and marketing funnels and, ultimately, serving our clients better.

Understanding Our Brand and Audience

Over the years, we've come to understand the personality of our brand more intimately. Like a fine wine, it has matured, becoming richer and more nuanced with time. This deepened understanding prompted us to reimagine our website in a way that truly reflects our brand's ethos.

Our engagement with the audience, through attending events, sharing knowledge freely, and active participation on social media platforms, has not only helped in creating a loyal client base but also in understanding their evolving needs. This continuous interaction was instrumental in guiding the direction for our website's revamp.

Strategic Goals of the New Website

The primary goal of our new website was to transform it into a powerful lead-generating machine. We realized that our audience, comprising startups, investors, and law firms, primarily discovered us through social media. A staggering 75% of our leads were initiated from a blog post, a comment, or discussions surrounding our sessions on social platforms. The other 25% came from the gold standard of marketing: referrals.

Our new digital platform is designed to consolidate all our content—webinars hosted on Zoom, informative videos from YouTube, insightful blog posts, and more—into one, easily navigable site. This strategic consolidation not only enhances the user experience but also streamlines the journey from initial interest to engaging with our services.

Investing in Back Office Automation

One of the other benefits of relaunching our website has been the ability to invest more significantly in back office automation. With a more efficient lead nurturing process, we can allocate our resources towards enhancing our service offerings and operational efficiency. This investment not only supports our growth but also ensures we can deliver exceptional value to our clients, with an ROI on marketing spend that is truly off the charts.

How To ‘Follow Our Lead’

If you’re a startup or a small business owner, you might be intimidated by the idea of designing a new website, creating marketing funnels, or search engine optimization. But it’s important to recognize that your website is not just a digital footprint, but a powerful tool in your go-to-market strategy, serving as the cornerstone of their online presence. In fact, if you’re not leveraging these relatively inexpensive lead generation strategies, you’re probably leaving money on the table. And no one loves that.

The Importance of Your Website as a Startup

We believe in a "less-is-more" philosophy for startups launching or relaunching their websites. It's tempting to create a sprawling, graphically intense website that showcases every facet of your startup. However, a single, well-structured page can be far more impactful. Such a streamlined site not only saves precious resources like time and money but also improves user experience, making it easier for visitors to navigate and take action. A concise website that clearly communicates what you offer and how it benefits users can significantly outperform a more complex site that dilutes your message and complicates the user journey. Plus, it’s easier to manage and that means lower overhead long-term.

How to Set Up a Basic Lead Generating Funnel

Establishing an effective lead-generating funnel need not be complicated. I encourage you to take a stroll through the new Legal tech Consultants website to see some of these ideas in action. Is our site perfect? Heck no! Especially since we’ve just launched it, we’re refining our content and processes every day. But we’d bet you’ll find one or two things that you’ll want to incorporate into your new site.

Here's a practical example that illustrates the power of strategic content and engagement:

  • Imagine a user discovers your startup through a blog post shared on social media about how your clients are leveraging AI.
  • Intrigued, they visit your website and find a link to download an in-depth case study discussing the specific AI use case highlighted in the blog.
  • To access this valuable resource, the user provides their name, email address, and permission for future marketing communications.

This simple interaction marks the beginning of a nurturing process.

  • A few days later, leveraging your CRM's tracking capabilities, you automatically send an invitation to this user (and others who have shown interest in your AI solutions) to attend a webinar. This event delves into how your product uniquely addresses a problem they're likely facing using AI.
  • Within a day or two after the event, send a personalized email with a link to a recording of the webinar and offer an exclusive piece of content that's not available to the general public.
  • Additionally, this follow-up email should include a soft call-to-action (CTA), inviting them to a one-on-one consultation or demo of your product. This CTA aims to transition the lead from being interested in your general content to considering your product or service as a solution to their needs.

This post-event nurturing action is designed to deepen the relationship with your leads by consistently providing value and showing an understanding of their needs. By carefully crafting this follow-up, you ensure that your startup remains top-of-mind and that your leads feel supported and valued at every step of their journey with your brand. This approach not only enhances lead engagement but also increases the likelihood of converting these nurtured leads into loyal customers.

Tools We Use

To effectively manage our marketing, automation, and engagement tracking, we leverage a suite of tools designed to streamline our operations and enhance our online presence. At the heart of our marketing stack is HubSpot CRM, a comprehensive platform that supports us in marketing, sales, content management, and customer service. Notably, HubSpot offers a free and low-cost startup program, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes to grow and manage their customer relationships efficiently.

For search engine optimization, we turn to Google Search Console and SemRush, both of which provide invaluable insights into our website's performance and opportunities for improvement. Zapier plays a crucial role in our back-office automation, seamlessly connecting our various apps and workflows to save time and reduce manual tasks. For social media and additional automation needs, we utilize Phantombuster, an innovative tool that enhances our online engagement and productivity.

Our website is powered by Avada Wordpress, known for its flexibility and ease of use, while CookieYes ensures we remain compliant with global privacy regulations. Lastly, YoastSEO Premium is our go-to for optimizing content, ensuring our website not only ranks well in search engines but also meets the highest SEO standards. Together, these tools form the backbone of our digital marketing strategy, enabling us to effectively reach, engage, and convert our audience.

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